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SEO, S E O, S.E.O, is the topic of the day for bloggers and internet marketers knowingly that without it, Things becomes difficult. But those in the Music and entertainment niches won’t stop asking question like “Is SEO for music blogs and entertainment dead?

Day after day music and entertainment bloggers hit my inbox on how to set their website SEO and make them rank top. Others comes like “What software can i use to outrank and the giant music sites.? Some are scared one can’t practice SEO for entertainment and music niches.

I do give answers till i get tired, so i have finally decided to share the knowledge here perhaps to help some other bloggers in various niches but strictly music and entertainment.

I have a music blog that’s currently running and the performance aren’t bad even though am not giving it much attention and at the same time, I have taught many entertainment bloggers who came back with testimonies. So what i practice and what they practiced is all you are going to learn here about SEO for music blogs.

SEO for music blogs reviewed

They say music niches are difficult to rank and there’s no doubt because the competition is high and there have been certain blogs where all traffic have been assigned. Every other new blogger is like “There’s no need worrying myself to rank since the unbeatable competitors meant for traffic have already taken the position”

Same impression i wrote about here where i stated something similar that visitors who make searches are more likely to end up visiting websites in the front page. Why at on earth would you want them to scroll further while the answer is already on first page.

They can only proceed searching if they couldn’t find desirable answer on their first search result page. These are the very few clicks people on second, and other pages of Google do get. ( i call it leftover traffic) and that’s not a sustainable traffic so we don’t need that.

Does it mean you cannot get started with music Blog and succeed?.

Let me sound it again here having said it earlier on my Facebook page and timeline that:

No matter the number of persons who start blogging and no matter the competition, In any niche you venture there’s still room for success. (don’t practice what they do) that’s the only solution.

Am going to show you some few tricks to Music SEO and am sure they can take you to any heights you want unless you don’t want to put them to practice.

Music Blogs SEO Tactics to Pass Your Competitors

What am going to share with you here are the tips you might not even get anywhere online wither paid or free ( i call them expensive tips) because they are the backbone and the whole secrets that can make you rank even a fresh music blog on Google so, Give me your attention let’s do it now.

(1) Blog For Keywords (Key phrase) forget the title

Most times when i read my headlines loud to myself, i won’t stop laughing because they are so scary… but the truth is that, no matter how the headline sounds, i don’t really care “all i want is the traffic – sweet headlines without traffic can go to hell”.

I also want you to put this into practice because it has been working for me for years now. But How?.

For someone to find your site on Google, He or she must have used one query related or exactly to what you have on your website otherwise those who got those queries takes the traffic all therefore you don’t just choose a headline for your post based on the general title but based on search queries. Let’s see examples below.

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Example 1* Let assume a new song is released by Chris Brown and the title is No Air. Don’t Name your title alone or name it according to some other big blogs instead name it according to people’s searches. So, i make my search on google with the music title and singer’s name “Chris Brown No Air” and then scroll down to the related post section.

seo for music sites rank

I will use the Longest Keywords on my related search which matches with the music i want to blog as my Post Title and my target keywords. My title will look like “chris brown no air mp3 audio download for free

Always Write your music description yourself even if it’s small and while you do, Be sure to add your target keywords. I mean the text that comes before your download button.

Now let’s write our seo texts which readers will see before downloading.

chris brown no air mp3 audio download is available now and you can get it on your device while you keep rocking other of our latest songs.

This Song has been a great hit from chris brown and fans are like waoooh here’s another jamz everywhere on Facebook and instagram social media as the song was released by chris brown a popular American musician.

Below is a few lyrics line to grab and download link. Then you put your Music Lyrics: “You can just copy any part of the lyrics and use block-quote Tag for it or paste as normal text. Followed by your download link.”

You are adding some line of your lyrics because most people do search with lyrics line so when they do, you won’t loose the traffic because you’ve got the keywords in your lyrics line.

Example 2* Let assume i got another music to blog with the title Nicki Minaj Bang Bang, so i just search that on Google and scroll to the related search to find my keywords.

seo for music websites serp

My title will be like “Nicki Minaj Bang Bang mp3 download for free” I always add for free to my titles because some persons makes searches with it.

Write Your music description where you are advised to use your keywords in your first paragraph. Add some lines of lyrics then followed by your download link as said earlier.

How To Use Google Related Search

Example 3* This can be done using your Google related search as usual, But sometimes the music alone will tell you the title logically. See below instance.

Rihana sang a song and named it “Diamond” where he stated “Shine bright like a diamond

May people don’t know the title of that song as “Diamond” instead they are more likely to make their searches using the common keywords and lyrics lines in the song. E.g Rihana- Like Diamond.

So if you are to blog such songs which title are quite different from the song lyrics, You have to use the common keywords in the song to form your title e.g (Download Rihana – Diamond.mp3). With this, people who will make searches using Diamond will also find your blog easily.

How To Optimize Your Post Via Post Editor

Here’s your whole post editor optimized in one place. Let me do little explanation on that. Scroll to down read.

To get the complete SEO function in your WordPress blog post editor, You need to install any SEO plugin preferably YOAST which is generally used.

Seo for Music blog for musicians

The first is your post title and your post Body. And then your post category. I suggest you create category for very new musician u added. And use the keywords songs, Download, Mp3 in your category. Let all your categories be SEO optimized. Am sure you sighted my own categories above.

What about adding Tags?

if you regularly do google searches you must have noticed that most posts that rank top pages are ordinary Tags not even the main posts. That’s why it’s important adding tags to your posts. Not just anyhow tags but keywords based tags.

To get some, Just copy your post title and search it on Google and you will see some keywords in your related search bar.

seo for wordpress music blogs

Copy the whole keywords related to your post and separate them with comma quote then use them as your tags. That’s how i go about adding my Tags.

In the area of your Focused Keywords, Add Your target keywords and edit your description you will see the box to describe your post.

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Just write any description related to your post but make sure u have your main keywords in your description. The description is the small amount of texts that show on Google under your post title.

Then in your slug, Just add your main keywords. You can now publish your post and make it live.

(2) Blog albums, Instrumentals and Zips

Keywords like “Nicki Minaj Albums Download 2019” Download Zip songs by Chris Brown etc…. albums, zips and instrumentals are less competitive compared to Mp3 and mp4.

You can even decide to build Your own niche just around lyrics, instrumentals, Zips and albums without including MP3 and Mp4. There’s nothing wrong about that.

(3) Take The Early Poster Advantage

Google is like. First to post first to rank. That’s the same reason why you see blogs await new songs like they are waiting for a new babe for the first meeting. ♥

As soon as the song is released u see them rush it. Am even sure some of the bloggers go to the studio to take the songs so they can be the first to post.. Lolz.

We are new bloggers, We are fresh Bloggers, We are baby bloggers so we won’t be competing with them, instead we do our things in our own ways. Am not sure you can be that smart to post any naija song first before Naijaloaded, Tooxclusive, 9jaflaver, 360nobs and others. They will always disappoint you with their early to post strategies.

So what’s the way Forward?

While they are busy rushing the Mp3, You should be busy with the lyrics and Video keywords.

And you are still wondering (what if the video is not yet out?) it doesn’t matter as you can secure your traffic space pending when the video is out. Even if the video aren’t made, people will still search for it and you will still gain traffic through it.

See example below.

Let’s assume my post title is “no air by chris brown” and the video is not yet out. I will go this way.

Seo Post title: Download chris – no air Video. Mp4

And my post description which usually comes before the download button will go as shown below.

Chris brown Just released a new song with the title no air, where he sang that with the tone “you ain’t live without air”.

For the past few days the song has hit millions of views on Instagram as chris brown demonstrated on his Instagram post playing the new record.

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Searches for chris brown no air video increased because everybody want to watch no air Video By chris-brown. But the truth remains ” the no air Video by chris brown has not been released as at this time and we are all hoping to see him make a wonderful video for the wonderful song.

While we await chris brown no air video to be released and posted here, You can download other of her hot videos below.

With the above, Who ever search for the song video will land on your site because those bloggers don’t have this first to post strategy. They wait for the video to be released before they post.

Since your post is published even before the video is released, You have chances of ranking top while the video is out because your post has been for a while even before the video is out.

Same thing applied to lyrics

The video and lyrics aspects are the major areas you should secure tight as your main organic traffic sources since you might not be able to beat other big competitors blogging MP3. Don’t get me wrong please. I don’t say you shouldn’t blog Mp3.

As a matter of fact, i have already taught you the trick to use above. Am only adding this as another source of help. And if you practice this particular one very well, you will definitely notice positive effects on your blog.

How To Blog Music Like Articles

One other thing most music Bloggers don’t know is the fact that you can also write music related articles.

When we say you’re a music blogger, it doesn’t mean blogging only Mp3 and mp4 but anything related to music which is capable of driving traffic to your blog.

When you search Gospel Music on Google and check related search result, You will see the below keywords.

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Try to write some lists in most days ex: Best lists of songs by Nicki minaj, Best of 2baba songs download, Top songs by Rihana  mp3 e.t.c and also, consider writing articles like “Top Nigerian musicians with Highest numbers of social followers, Best songs in Nigeria music industry, Top richest musicians in Nigeria and net worths.

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Something similar instead of just blogging mp3, mp3, mp3 all day. Those posts will make your website lively and engaged too.


SEO for Musicians: Top7 Tips

WordPress can often be a confusing platform, especially for beginners. This post outlines seven tips to consider when marketing your website with SEO, and how to grow your online presence as a musician.

  • Install And Activate Yoast SEO Plugin

As a musician with a WordPress site, when it comes to online marketing your immediate go-to for free help has to be the Yoast SEO plugin.

The plugin allows you to upload a sitemap, connect to analytics, keep track of on-page factors such as title tags and meta descriptions, and be aware of keyword density.

What is keyword/key-phrase density?

The density of keywords refers to the number of times a focus/primary keyword is mentioned within a page, in relation to the amount of text on the page.

When it comes to organic SEO, your primary concern as a musician is to ensure your focus keyword is in the title of the page, title tag, meta description, and subheadings within the document.

Variations of the keyword and the keyword itself must be mentioned throughout any page too, but beware of overuse.

  • Ensure Permalinks (URLs) Are Set to “Custom Structure” And Are Readable

Let’s say someone is searching for a hot hip hop playlist, and you’ve created a blog post or ultimate guide that lists the top 100 playlists.

Is your audience more likely to click on “hot-hip-hop-playlists” or “page45675’? The answer is obvious.

Readability also makes it easier for search engines to understand what the post Is about, starting from the URL down. So, how do you make the URLs readable and/or customization?

Follow these steps for best effect

  1. Head to Settings > Permalinks and select “Custom Structure”. Paste the following code into the custom structure field: /%category%/%postname%/
  2. Select the category you wish the post to sit under
  3. Edit the URL as necessary (sometimes long titles will create very long URLs, which should be edited down)
  • Write Content for the Users, Not for Search Engines

When it comes to SEO and marketing your music online, success comes with keyword research and understanding how your users search. There are many paid options, but a great free place to start is Keyword Tool.

Consider the context of the searcher, whether they will be searching on a mobile or desktop, and whether they’ll be using voice search to look for your music or genre.

For instance, when writing the overdrive pedal guide, I considered all kinds of users; beginners, experts, informational searches, FAQ’s and more.

It may seem like a lot, but whether you’re in a band, emerging artist, or have a music blog, the content you write must be on-point, relevant, unique, and inline with what users expect to see when visiting your site.

  • Add ALT Tags to All Your Blog Photos

ALT tags provide search engines with further information about the context of the image on a page.

They are also a great way to include extra keywords, so if you’re an emerging artist be sure to include your name and genre within the ALT tag. as well as the post/page name and the word “image” to confirm to search engines you are actually writing an ALT tag (and not just stuffing keywords into the image).

  • Compress Images for Improved Page Load Time (Super Speed)

Recently, Google updated the way they view websites when considering rankings. The way a website appears on mobile devices in now more important than ever, with slow sites using heavy images being severely penalized in the rankings.

For WordPress I recommend the plugin “WP fastest cache”, which will decrease the file size of your images without compromising them in quality… Absolute life-saver.!

There is also the “Lazy Load” plugin, which loads images as a user scrolls down the page. The only downside is if your site has a lot of images, and the user has a poor connection, Lazy Load may slow the page down until images are loaded.

  • Link to Your Social Media Profiles in the Footer

This point may sound obvious but it is often overlooked.

Search engines will also take into account your activity on social media, so be sure to link to all of your social profiles in the footer of your page, and share any updates (whether new music or website updates) as they happen daily.

  • Install the Schema Plugin for Your Events

Schema provides search engines with an easier way to crawl the information on a page. If you are promoting events on your website, you can simply search the WordPress plugins page for “Schema” and download any of the top three plugins (they will all do the trick). Once Schema is added, your events will display like the following in search results below:

SEO for Musicians – Top7 wordpress plugin
SEO for Musicians Screenshot photo

So, there you have it. We hope this post provided some insightful tips into using SEO to promote yourself as an artist with a WordPress website!

Conclusion: SEO for musicians

While i rest my case here, I will be discussing the best practices to drive traffic to your entertainment blog in my next article. I could have added that here but it will be too lengthy to read. I love keeping things simple.

If you can practice all of the above just as explained, You won’t get issues when it comes to driving organic traffic to your music blogs.

Even though other things aren’t mentioned here like “Link Building, Social engagements etc always put them in consideration because they are the best ways to spring up your good articles into Google front page. DON’T get tired of updating your blog with new contents, Don’t get tired of building links.

Don’t forget what i said earlier about Time as the biggest ranking factor of SEO. Learn to wait for your work to reflect. Your practices aren’t automated and as such, you can’t get instant results.

I have taken my time to lecture you based on my personal experience. What i have shared here is worth paying for but i still give you for free. Would you repay that by leaving this page without subscribing and without sharing this post? That would be a bad and non encouraging idea.

Please i want to notice your presence. Do so by dropping your comment, Subscribing and sharing this page below. Thanks.

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