Racksterly Review: Is racksterly.co legit or scam website?

racksterly review payment

Racksterly.co Income Program Full Review and How To Join I’ve been receiving lots of private messages from users of this blog regarding the ongoing Racksterly earning program. So today, I’ve decided to make a comprehensive post about Racksterly income program and all you need to know about Racksterly.

Hello Fam! I’ve been really silent about racksterly, well not because I believe they have disappeared but, there’s been no tangible update for the community.

Well I’ve stressed this enough, racksterly isn’t a scam and they aren’t going anywhere with your money.

And they just proved that again

Long story short, it’s decision time!🤔

Would u rather get a refund or give them some more time to work things out?

Visit their official Facebook page with the link below to get the full info and cast your vote👇👇👇


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So I just hit 6 referrals (on same plan with me). An achievement that unlocks one free month subscription😋 Surely Christmas and New year don stew👌 Still doubting? Wait for my withdrawal on 28th👀 Want to join?☺️ Oya oh 👇 htttp

racksterly payment review

Racksterly review – How Does Racksterly Works?

Racksterly.co is an advertising company where businesses pay them to put up their products and services on their platform.

All you have to do is share one of the adverts per day to your Facebook timeline, and you get paid part of the money the business paid Racksterly.

In addition, Racksterly requires a sign up fee before you become a member and start earning immediately. I’ll quickly show you all the available plans on Racksterly.

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Get paid. When signing up, you will provide a bank account. On the day before your subscription ends, you can withdraw all your earnings to this bank account. Usually, you’ll receive your funds within minutes, or at most, a few hours.

You’ve worked for your money, and you can be sure we’ll stop at nothing to ensure you get paid. No. Matter. What. A word of caution though.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick website. Sure, you can make some serious $$$ here if you try, but if you want instant results with no effort, you’ve come to the wrong place, and you’d better get a move on – au revoir, monsieur! It isn’t like sharing is a lot of work; it’ll only take 5 minutes daily.

If you can’t handle that, then you probably can’t handle anything else. And that would be very sad, amigo.

Subscription Plans On Racksterly

There are currently four subscription plans to choose from on Racksterly. You have to select a plan that fits your budget and make the payment through your Bank Atm card or Bank.
Rasksterly - DEW PLANRasksterly - DRIZZLE PLANRasksterly - STORM PLANRasksterly - TYPHOON PLAN
Pay $18 = N6,879Pay $25 = N9,296Pay $45 = N16,732 Pay $75 = N27,887
Get daily (for 30days) $1.2 = N432Get daily (for 30days) $1.8 = N648Get daily (for 30days) $3.5 = N1,260Get daily (for 30days) $5.6 = N2,016
N432x30 = N12,960 monthlyN648x30 = N19,440 monthlyN1260x30 = N37,800 monthlyN2016x30 = N60,480 monthly
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