Music Blog Niche: How to start a music blog in 2020

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Music Blogging Tips – How to start a music blog

Welcome To Freepap Music Blogging Niche Tutorial a.k.a (Music Blog Niche)

Music Blog Niche… Music Blog Niche, Music Blog Niche…

Imagine you wake up on a Monday morning, and you check your mail inbox… Goo-bam (Woah)!

You swipe through hundreds of mails. You see they’re from upcoming music artists demanding for your price to upload their Songs.

Music blogging is extremely lucrative.

But it’s crucial I expose certain secrets to you before you start. I’ll reveal how you should correctly start your music blog niche; and then, I’ll cap the wine with how you can drive massive traffic to your music blog, after learning how to start a music blog.

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Music blogging isn’t stressful, but you’ll think it’s tough. You might once assume it takes long-term wait to start making money. Whereas, music blogging is a fast track to income stream. You’ll soon understand why.

Apart from that joy from manifesting your passion, you’ll as well enjoy more than enough cakes and coffee. I like them whenever I grab my keyboard.

You can see “Blogging is dead”, “Blogging is dead” at all places, even though when Blogging isn’t yet near to decline. But wait..!

Do you know that Blogging has totally changed recently??

Perhaps, “Blogging is dead” by those spreading it should’ve rather appeared as “Blogging isn’t how it used to be” instead. Because ‘Focus’ on a narrowed niche is mandatory to start a music blog out successfully.

Even if you don’t plan making money with your music blog, you wouldn’t want a state where you’ll be the one reading the music blog post ideas you publish.

Or maybe few friends and family members you share with on Whatsapp or Facebook feeds.

Because your works won’t appear in front of thousands (Search Engine First Page) that’ll make your music blog successful.

Meanwhile, crafting your ability to adapt with contemporary blogging model won’t only impress Google to expose you to a huge fraction of its 6.4millions searches per minute, but also make you earn income doing what you love. These, I’ll cover them here today.

Certain Secrets Before You Start Your Music Blog Niche

Spend Time on Successful Music Blogs of Your Take

Before you launch your blog, know what you’re about to venture in. Gone are days when you can invent new niches and leverage successfully.

Now, you can’t start any new niche, especially under music blogging, just like that without spending millions. Although, your style must be brand new and innovative, as you walk in the working model.

Understanding what worked for other successful music bloggers and how it works is pertinent. The easiest way to realize that, is to inspect and examine what other achieved blogs under music niche did.

Music blogs like BuzzBands.LA and have ways they narrowed their niche. You can browse up similar blogs and spot what you’re up to.

Notice what they have in common; how they arrange their posts; what monetization model they use; how comments and reactions appear; and so on. We have thousands of successful music blogs out there. You that are just coming up have works to do.

They’ll be your competitors on this field and you can easily dominate their space if you follow this guide carefully. Your competitors amass tens of thousands of visitors per month. How they did this isn’t left out from their blog. Yours is to detect this and do the same but with an addition of flavor.

How To Build Your Own Brand

Your idea can be flavored when you build your own brand. Be their audience and comment on every of their posts. You can email them and let them know you.

Note the tools they use in executing every functions in their blogs and research on how costly, effective, functional, and effective they could be.

Discover their posting schedules. Then, which type of contents and Record Labels do they relate with?

Familiarize yourself with how they send newsletters: and importantly, how they make money.

There are several ways music bloggers make money. It could be through Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, Advertising Spaces, or Real products… depending on the exposure of the owner. Note their monetization models.

Spying on their blogs can either encourage or discourage your vibes. But I’ll tell you that nothing is complicated in music blogging. Since you have the passion for it, the rest is solved.

Demand Guest post Opportunities for Music Blogs

Try to offer a helping hand and write a post for them. Luckily as you get a spot, you’ll get yourself used with their audiences and gain their loyalty.

Once you become a trusted author in these music blogs, you’ll be a public figure. Such that by the time when your own blog is set, you’ll easily expose these audiences and drive traffic to your music blog with no hassle.

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Prepare your mind to abide by certain terms and conditions guiding every guest bloggers.

For instance, it could be restrictions from including affiliate links; inserting external links; and the likes.

Some blogs prefer that you pitch a content you once wrote before they approve your guest post request. But nevertheless, they’re interested in serious guests that’ll freely assist them post what they want posted. You can do that. You’re up to something.

Note Down Areas of Slackness (Focus)

Ensure you notice areas where you feel require corrections. Note them down. This will be areas of focus you’ll work on, to fit yourself better than they do. It may be web design or styles of Lead Magnet. It might even be page Mobile Friendliness.

A typical instance of an opportunity you can use to dominate competition is the loop_holes most music blogs leave, by not posting sufficient worded contents.

Google, well known for its over 9.6billion searches per day, ranks contents with over 3000 worded remarkable posts each.

You are passionate about this music blogging of a thing and the prettiest thing to do in life is pouring out your emotions through words. I don’t see 3000 words as something too much for me to finish in 1 hour. You can finish that in a day.

I don’t say you could be that mean and not suggest areas that can collapse their websites. But trust me, most times, a CEO will always act like one. Use that chance.

Choose a Niche for Your Music Blog or site

This final stage before you start a music blog is important. It can make or mar your blog, big time. A niche is the subject matter of your blog. By it, your blog will attain rapid or delayed success.

The more focused your niche is, the more easier you’ll drive audience. Music Blogging is a niche, just as Content Marketing. But don’t let’s deceive ourselves. The rate at which thousands have chose these niches are alarming. It’s a far-way broad niche.

Music Blogging is a broad niche. I recommend that you narrow it down to let’s say Local Artistes biographies; Local Artistes contributions; Gossip on music Artists; or even a central focus in celebrating music by artists.

How to Discover Your Music Blogging NICHE SECRETE

Are you interested in chatting about international artists? Local Artists? Or both?

Consider which music genre you’re interested in while you think for a niche to choose.

Perhaps, now that it’s mandatory you brand your music blogging on a niche, you can answer this question and go for either of the three options above.

> What genre do your potential audiences want?

Are they teens, kids or adults? Most times, your favorite music genre may not interest the majority of the populace you’ll target.

> At where are your potential audiences located?

Keeping in mind where your potential audience is located is pertinent and vital.

> What’s your favorite music genre?

It’d be important you as well blend the moment with a genre you like.

How to Correctly Launch Your Music Blog

  1. Choose Your Domain Name (Website Address)

After you’ve finally known what works. You may then purchase a domain name. This is an important aspect that influences success in blogging in the music niche.

The name that’ll be typed into Google for whoever that seeks to locate your web page is the most important identity that defines the brand of your music blog. is a domain name. “” is also a domain name. Your domain name is the first signal that distinguishes you from other sites.

It’s a top level flag that represents your blog’s existence for what your blog is meant for. Hence, you need to be careful to choose what should be essential.

How to Appropriately Choose a Unique Domain Name for Your Blog

I contemplated on two choices when I decided to choose a domain name valuable for my niche. They were between a word or two words. I chose two words (‘free’ and ‘pap’) due to my beautiful plan for visitors of this blog.

It’s beautiful when you coin a word that hasn’t ever existed. “Twitter” is from coinage. “Libra” is as well. But ensure that you investigate succinctly that such domain name isn’t yet bought. For example, a trademark might have been certified on certain words which aren’t online.

Two worded domain name like “free-pap” makes sense too. In fact, I love it.

The reason why I prefer two worded domain is its Seo-friendliness. Hence, I’ll recommend that you do some Keyword research on musical terms with high search monthly volume.

Ubersuggest is a free tool that can amaze you. For instance, “” alone will naturally drive you traffic with no stress. Music blog post ideas are also feasible with Ubersuggest.

Top level domain names are the ones internationally targeted. For instance, is a TLD. While “” or “” extensions are locally purposed. Depending on your niche choice, you can choose your purchase.

Understanding how to buy a domain name (website address) is crucial. It could be a herculean task for you when you don’t buy it with hosting (which I’ll explain to you soon).

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Almost all Hosting company offer domain and handle the herculean task of proper directions.

And if you’re sure you can handle the risk to target a domain by yourself with no hosting attached, you may try Godaddy. In fact, Godaddy offers you a bonus. You can buy any domain at $1 for the first year.

Renewal fee is $14 and above for Godaddy, $10 for Namecheap. Even though, I’ll recommend that you buy a domain attached with Hosting.

Incredibly, Bluehost gives domain name for the first year, FOR FREE. You’re not charged for any kind of domain you decide to go for.

Choose Your (Domain) Hosting Company Wisely

Hosting companies are responsible for security and effectiveness of your music blog. We have different hosting companies like Siteground, Hostingator, Bluehost, etc.

Just like a mobile phone and a Sim Card, the phone is like the domain, while the Hosting is like Wifi or Internet Service Provider (for Sim Cards).

But, this time around, hosting companies are the ones responsible for your appearance online 24/7.

Depending on your budget, different hosting providers apportion levels of service. They could be local hosting companies within your nation or international companies.

It’s however important you carefully research on how trustworthy a company you choose is worthy of reliance.

I carefully researched the best option for hosting and it’s Bluehost. WordPress in fact recommended this company for aspiring bloggers.

Whenever you are set to get an hosting for your music blog, take cognizance of the following:

What Is Bandwidth?

** Bandwidth is the capacity or the space given to each of your blog visitors that make a whole at a time period.

** Such access given to each visitors could be measured measured in bits per second. The more the bandwidth of a hosting plan, the higher the capacity of traffic such hosting plan can contain.

** To start your music blog, I wouldn’t recommend any hosting plan below 55,000gb plus Bandwidth. Many hosts give unlimited bandwidth.

** Bluehost is a cool hosting company which I trust with a 24/7 customer service. They’ll attend to every of your confusions right from the stage of installing CMS.

** Asides, they can even guide you through the process of installing crucial plugins. All packages support unlimited bandwidth capacity and do not have specified limitations.

** What this means is you won’t be billed according to the amount of the memory or space for the bandwidth used.

SSL Certification for Your Music Blog’s Domain

Secure Sockets Layer is an important inclusion that must accompany your hosting plan. Search Engine Optimization requires trust on any domain search engines like Google will trust.

For example, Google won’t acknowledge an “http” to appear well on search result pages, but rather “https”.

For instance, an online YouTube Webinar tailored by Google Ads officials in April disapproved domains with SSL. If you notice the http with “s” infers a domain with an SSL.

An SSL certifies your music blog domain as reliable for searchers who use certain search engines to purchase certain services.

In fact, if you use Google Chrome, you’ll be warned against a danger ahead any blog’s domain with no SSL certificate. It’s pertinent to budget this importance with your plan.

Fortunately, most hosting companies offer free SSL certificate for domains you purchase. Bluehost as well gives free SSL.

To rank the front page of the search results, you’d perform certain On page and Off page optimization.

Unfortunately, when you fulfill all laws of optimizations, it could be a waste of time without an https trusted domain.

Because the signal gives Google is detrimental to how your contents will appear in search.

Storage or Memory Capacity of Your Music Blog

The disk space of this music blog needs attention. Just as your Memory card and your Flash-drive have specified spaces, you’ll be restricted to certain terrains that’ll limit the pace at which you’d upload files into your blog.

Music blogging requires a huge storage space due to several music files you’ll be uploading. In fact, you’d need certain music videos. A huge storage space is required. Bluehost offers 55gb disk space for the least plan.

Customer Care Support and Service

This is an important treat from gurus in the web space that’ll protect the well being of your presence online. When you are offline, the people who’ll ensure your music blog is up and running 24/7 is your hosting company.

Hence, you can seek their attention for help on any confusing matters arising when you come back online to maintain your blog.

A reliable hosting company offers prompt and undelayed responses to questions asked. Another crucial thing is Bluehost’s effective and remedic solution.

For your music blog to come online reliably, you may go for Bluehost.

After purchasing your plan, you’ll need to activate some settings. Another reason why I prefer Bluehost is their One-click Installation function.

You can even consult the customer care to help you set that up. Such that the remaining work would be to start publishing your contents right away.

Install a Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is means by which you’ll construct a framework where your posts and theme would come to visibility by any visitor in your music blog.

You’ll be able to upload contents such as videos and music through a supportive foundation.

Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress are instances of CMS. WordPress is what I recommend for everyone because it’s still the easiest and most understandable construct for newbies to easily grasp.

You can easily design your theme the way you want without any hassle. In fact, stats show that over 25% of web users operate on WordPress.

Another thing I’m impressed about for Bluehost is their One-Click Install WordPress benefit.

WordPress enables you to access over 85000 free plugins. Plugins are like the body parts that make up your blog. They are the cooking ingredients you add into a soup that makes it saucy and sumptuous. ♥

Install a Theme (Template) to Start Your Music Blog

A theme is the structure appears to anyone who visits your blog. It’s important to use a cool theme due to the fact that the first impression a visitor encounters in your blog lasts longer.

Depending on your choice themes could be premium or free. Premium themes are known for its reliability, flexibility and mobile-friendly user experiences.

This doesn’t mean some free themes ain’t with these great qualities. But the best I’d say is that you conduct deep research on a kind of theme you’d use. Because at times, some premium themes could take a century to load.

In the same vein, you can hire a web developer to design your own branded theme. You may head straight away Fiverr or Upwork and you’d find more than enough developers that can help you out.

But for beginners, I’ll suggest that you first try a reliable free theme. When your music blog starts to grow into success, you may then develop your own branded theme.

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Some premium themes could be nulled, and as a result be available for free download by some websites. For instance, Authority WordPress theme is a $59 premium theme which has been nulled by developers and available for free downloads.

But as much as interesting this sounds, it’s unfortunate to go for the idea. Because it’ll make your music blog vulnerable to hackers.

Fortunately, thousands of free wordpress themes are available for you. In fact, many of these free themes enable you Customer Care support, security and even top-notch reliability.

You may click on the Appearance at the menu of your dashboard

You can also browse up selected and recommended free themes by trusted bloggers.

After installing a theme:
  • log on to your WordPress dashboard
  • click on the Menu; scroll through the Appearance button
  • click; select “Customize”; and design your web appearance as to how you wish, depending on the available limitations the theme gives. You may check the above image. It explains better.

The important areas you should put strict attentions to are the Header bar, Menu bar, Recent Posts, About Yourself and the Footer area. Because this are signals that’ll make you a serious professional in your field.

The Importance of Your About Page For Music Blog Niche

Create a new page and title it “About” or “About Us” follow me step by step

Click on the “Add new” below that arrow. Your music blog’s About Page explains what you are and why a visitor should be glad having you on board.

And you can easily commit the greatest error with this About Page by passing across the wrong information to your visitors.

Did you ever you notice, most websites carefully ensure that you know about them in a way that’ll impress you. Your blog visitors won’t trust you without seeing who and what you are.

Why is the About page that really important to consider as a start for Music Blogging??

*> It exposes your visitor’s problems which could be information about certain celebrities for instance. You’d then explain how you solve these information problems – in your About page.

*> In fact, your About page can make your readers more happier when they see a realistic and transparent medium as solution to their information or media problems.

*> Your About page explains what your music blog stands for to give reasons for any visitors to always return; your history and likes; your passions and aspirations that could be of benefit to your visitors; and also interesting stuffs about you personally.

In fact, I’ll be blunt. Ensure you avoid much talks about your products, service, and business. Because those guys are not not interested. They care about themselves.

When you write about their problems, you grab their attention. This is a perfect start of a professional music blog.

You’d need to install the Simple Author’s Box pugin from the Plugins option of the Menu area of your WordPress dashboard. This plugin can be set to appear at the front page.

Install Important WordPress Plugins

Plugins as I earlier mentioned are the main component parts that build up your music blog as a whole. They are the Behind-the-scenes that basically implement every task you carry out with your music blog.

Just as the name implies, they infuse the required tools and spanners that ensure your aims and objectives are carried out.

Unfortunately, the lesser plugin you install the better it impacts your search engine optimization. Because the page-load speed of your blog must be fast.

Hundreds of plugins can’t but make the speed slow. To positively affect how your contents appear in front of Google search visitors, your speed mustn’t be slower than 3 seconds.

To install these important wordpress plugins:
  1. Click on the “Add New” above; then, you’ll see a page.
  2. You can either upload a plugin you downloaded or bought through the Upload Plugin button.
  3. You can as well directly install any wordpress plugin you wish to search for – right from your dashboard here:
Basic plugins essential for your music blog niche are:

(1) Sucuri – for Securing Your Blog

Sucuri is a wordpress plugin that helps you secure your music blog. Malwares, and hackers could be such incriminating to dabble into your blog and take over everything. Sincerely, it happens and the only way out is to have saved a backup of your activities and files.

Little or no help can your hosting tender, since you are a full owner, controller and administrator of your blog.

Sucuri gives updates on every login attempts and activities that take place every time any action is taken by anyone.

our main email address you used in Cpanel receives updates on ever activities that occur in your blog.

Although, Sucuri has it’s own premium plan. But I’d suggest that you taste its free cake first. As time goes on, when your blog begins to boom, you can upgrade when you wish to.

(2) Updraftplus

Updraftplus is another free backup tool that enables you to save every single bits of activities and files, ranging from your plugins, to your posts, media and all events as a whole.

Mistakenly, you may delete important posts. Even though, those files would pop into a Trash bin. The Trash is a temporary safe that contains every deleted posts. Unfortunately, for the sake of saving your storage space and other reasons, your trashed posts stay for 30 days only.

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One of my posts ranked #5 in Google search results in April 2019. I checked Google in July and I couldn’t find the post again. It took me hours to discover that I’d mistakenly deleted it.

I immediately rushed into the Trash page, but alas, it was already over 30 days.

I didn’t backup my files before then. So, I lost the content. If not for Evernote which saves every of my contents. I would have to write another post. That’d be sad.

Updraftplus maintains a backup for every of your files. And importantly, it’s free. Just ensure you manually backup regularly.

There’s the option for upgrading to premium if you want to though. Nevertheless, the free version is cool.

(3) Email subscribers

You need to build an email list. Most of the visitors of your music blog won’t return again if you don’t ask them to. Sending them newsletters can prompt them back to your music blog.

Another free plugin gives you the opportunity to lure them to submit their emails. Trust me, they won’t. You need to give them reasons why they’ll entrust you with their email. It’s just as an ambitious guy demanding for a lady’s phone number.

Realistic promises that solve their problems or gifts can captivate their wish to submit their emails.

Statistics have it that most online sales come from Email Marketing.

(4) Rank-Math or Yoast SEO Plungin

I started with the free version of Yoast SEO plugin and it was awesome. As I mentioned, Search Engine Optimization is required for your contents to appear in Google search result pages(SERPs).

There are two main types of optimization:- On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Both plugins assist you to effectively execute your On-Page SEO. There’s a 100 /100 score given to guide you through how feasible your SEO strength can appear on Google.

The premium SEO plugin can auto-suggest keywords, offer redirections for every page with 404 errors; and then design your social media snippets. Rank Math offers all these freely.

(5) Jetpack

Jetpack is a multi-purpose plugin that performs various functions. You can trace your statistics right as soon as you log in to your dashboard; you can automate sharing your posts with various Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and others.

Even though, I won’t recommend you activate this function because your url might get permanently banned in an updated algorithm platform like Facebook. These social media sites have been designed in a way such that their algorithm can detect any automated share, and it’d be counted as spam.

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Jetpack helps you track where your visitors come from; which videos they watched; which musics they played. Also, the keywords that drove them to your sites would be mentioned on your dashboard. This amazing plugin would consequently improve your Search engine optimization focus. You’d also notice the specific clicks on your external links in any page.

Jetpack also tracks the authors’ works which got conversions. There’s also a choice for its premium version.

(6) Akismet

Akismet blocks those spam comments spread by intruders. This free plugin also prevents duplicate comments.

Once you start your music blog and you start getting tractions from search engines, there are softwares which lazy bloggers employ to send fake comments. The reason why they indulge in such acts is to build backlinks with vulnerable blogs.

Another beautiful function of Akismet is its role of getting you to approve comments before they’re posted at the comment section of your music based contents.

As expected, the premium version enables you to enjoy a better experience.

(7) Wp Smush WordPress Plugin

This helps to minimize every images you upload into minimal and optimal qualities that’ll enhance your page-load speed.

Smush plugin decreases the overall excesses of a high graphics. Such images can slow down your music blog’s page-load speed when visitors load.

Then, Smush helps you manage your storage space efficiently with its function when you utilize it efficiently.

Once you decide to upload an image, it smushes the image right from that moment while you send such file into dashboard.

(8) Social Warfare

This free plugin helps your visitors to easily share your content with other people they wish to. You have a choice to float social media buttons, leave them below your contents, or place above.

Another beautiful thing is the share counter this plugin tracks. You can determine how many shares your contents receive.

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Social warfare offers your music blogging an SEO impact. A signal search engines look for is how many times a content was shared on the social media.

(9) W3 Total Cache

Page-load speed is an important crux every music bloggers must consider for the success of their appearance in search results. Apart, would you wait for any page that takes forever to load.

Also, visitors who are directed to your websites will convert more when your page-load is speed.

W3 Total Cache is a plugin that’ll sporadically increase how every of your pages load. Asides that your music blogging SEO would be impacted, your users will enjoy better experience.

As others are, there’s the premium version that enables you the automatic function, instead of having to manually purge caches.

(10) Simple Author Box

You’ll build trust when you add few lines about you. Nobody will trust a content with no identity. One of the precious things about this plugin is the slot to upload your picture.

When people see your face, as the author of any music content, they’d feel welcome and more safe.

Fortunately, these plugins above are free of charge. You don’t have to pay a penny.

You can click Certain plugins are premium, depending on the weight of functionality. These plugins are in Zip formats when you download them.

After You’ve Launched Your Music Blog Site

This is where the real deal starts. You’ve just started.

Register your domain in various search engines webmaster tools. For instance, create a Google account and then sign up for the Search Console tool.

Search console is a free privilege which Google provides to ensure that your your website appears effectively amidst search results.

Google search console is a collection of reports and suggestions which help you address errors as well as amend where need optimization for your search engine rankings.

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As time goes on, you’ll understand this powerful tool more and more. Because you can’t do without it. Your music blog’s SEO is at stake without this tool. Just as Oxygen is to a man is GSC is to your music blog’s SEO.

  1. Create a Google account and sign up through
  2. You’ll be mandate to verify ownership.
  3. You’ll be given a code.
  4. Copy the code.
  5. Install Header and Footer plugin.
  6. Paste the copied code in the “Header” tagged box of that Plugin after you’ve installed it. Log on back to search console and verify.

Google Analytics is another amazing music blogging device that’ll measure your music blog traffic. It’s as well able to expose with the correct areas of improvement that’ll enhance your music blog. When you take necessary actions, it maximizes your blog’s performance.

Hence, you’ll ensure that every efforts to maintain your traffic yield positive results.

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine. In fact, about 30% of the world wide web I search is made on Bing search. You can as well sign up for recognition in Bing.

Content Marketing for Music Blog Niche

Remember you took a look at several successful blogs online in the Music niche.

Even when they ain’t pertaining to the music genre you enjoy most, you’d want to observe what they portray in common, and also contents and angles that reveal their uniqueness.

Now, the aim isn’t to copy and paste, but rather to inspire you on what to concentrate on publishing.

During your course of research in these successful music blogs, give close attention to the areas of concentration. The blogs may concentrate on either international or local circumstance.

Note these, and guide such towards how you’d also be publishing your contents.

Music Blog Post Idea: Select a Genre That You’ll be Writing About: Carefully craft a model that’ll distinguish you from every other music blogs that ever existed. The peculiarity that’ll make your music blog stand out could be a very funny minor but very glaring thing.

It could be a weekly selection of the best Artists of the week, every weekends.

Importantly, your blog must be renown for a particular essence and new model of music blog post ideas. Your niche could be female artists alone. That’s a beautiful genre. In fact, it might be a course of old-school music songs.

You music blog post ideas may be on international or local artists; or even both global independent or local artists.

Are you after celebrating or criticizing any music genre? Your niche may also fall around your answer to this question. If it’s commendation and criticism of music you attach together, it’s also beautiful.

One Ranking Secret That’ll Make Your Music Blog Niche Post Ideas Remarkable

Now that contents are prerequisites for ranking online, you have to publish nothing lesser than 1000 words for every release. I promise you’d rarely find any music blogger publishing such massive worded contents under the Music Blogging niche.

You’d by that bypass your competitors, especially now that you have a particular area of focus. Because you’d have more opportunities to use more keywords for your music blog post ideas.

Before, music contents do not require much words before they rank. Unlike today when you’d need to touch every tidbit of a subject you’d post. And it’s fun.

In fact, if you remember I mentioned it isn’t stressful. You’ll always enjoy spending day and night doing what you love.

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Music blog post ideas are easy to find. I’ll suggest you arrange interviews with with local bands and musicians, local or international music officials in your niche, funny facts about any celebrity in your space, gossips on how your genre of music vary geographically.

You’re pretty much going to do few researches, video exploration, and even traveling at times. Trust me, it’s worth the efforts, because a time would come when you’d begin to rake in funds from several upcoming artistes.

Set Up Higher Goals

Trust me. You’re creative. I’m not a motivational speaker. But when I tell you something, I mean the reality. You can innovate things without dictates from anyone. In the midst of this, plan on executing higher objectives. You have to consistently publish contents on your music blog. You can make it twice in a week.

You have 24 hours in a day. You have more than enough time. Set out a calendar for a scheduled 3 hours every day. You may get a pen and jotter to note these.

  • Monday

Keyword Research (for an Accurate Music Blog Niche Post Ideas)

Keyword Research is a process for sorting out less competitive search terms so that your music blog can rank for those terms. and are cool tools which are free and would assist you in finding the keywords that you should target. keywordeverywhere for instance is a tool you can easily input the url of your competitor in the music niche. They are beautiful tools for music blog post ideas.

Once you click on the search button, keywordeverywhere will list the keywords your competitor is ranking for. Spy on these keywords and note them down. Those terms are wealth creators for your competitors

Select keywords with an average of hundreds or thousands of monthly searches. How you select these keywords are as well determined by their SEO difficulties.

The SDs are arranged under a keyword row, and they’re scored by 100. Deep green colour infers an easy to rank keyword; while yellow colour signifies a tough keyword.

Just ensure that you place your hands on keywords that are lesser than 25/100 SD score.

  • Tuesday

For Exploration: Explore the net for the music related keywords you discovered. Seek other blogs which have published on areas around that keyword. How? Input the keywords into Google search.

The blogs that top the first four results (excluding ads) are objects of experiments.

Spend enough moments to read, re-read and fully digest each of those articles surrounding this keyword. These articles are the ones currently dominating the competition. It’s now our both duty to understand why they rank.

Notice instances that impress you. Note down these things capable to tie down visitors down; Compare and contrast these articles; Sieve them, add each blogs up together to make a whole and elongate the quantity of that which you’d write to triple that quantity which ranks #1.

For instance, if the #1 ranking wrote 500 words, you should write about 2000 words that are much more valuable and more helpful.

Although more worded contents doesn’t mean you rank. But, you’ll rank far better than these competitors when your longer becomes more informative and detailed than others’.

Access Ubersuggest and trace how many back-links point at each of these four contents. Visit these blogs linking at these articles and email them all to link at your freshest and more detailed contents after you are through with this writing.

In case you don’t see any emails in any of these blogs linking at those ranking articles, use

Wednesday: for Writing Remarkable Music Contents

At first, download Evernote application. In it, create an outline that’ll include your Introduction, Body and Conclusion from the results of your exploration.

Pour the whole of yourself into the music article. Forget about any errors. Write everything that flows from within. You already understand the subject matter of this keyword.

Develop a kind of explosion in your bellies and pour the uproar through your fingers. Write and write. In fact, forget about optimization at all at first.

In as much you put the targeted keyword as a watchword, the rate at which you’d arrive required numbers of word would be short.

Concentrate your aim at addressing certain challenges of the keyword. Impress every potential readers.

Check: Hello World Programming Code

After writing your first post, read aloud to yourself. Tell a trusted friend to rate you.

Edit your new content. Ensure that you’re happy with it. Delete every bland phrases. Eradicate weak verbs and adjectives. They make your work dull.

Keep at short paragraphs. Don’t make a sentence be more than 20 words. The shorter the sentence, the better it is.

Thursday: Get Set to Publish your Music Blog Niche Post Idea

From your dashboard menu, select the posts. You’d find the “Hello world”. Delete it. Select Add new or the plus symbol above the dashboard. Get back to Evernote and copy the whole of every edited posts.

Open a new tab and access where you can download free music related images. You’d need to optimize your blog with at least an image. Remember that you can’t do without celebrity pictures.

Since required plugins have been installed, they’ll begin to function at their various dominions. As soon as you upload an image from your PC’s gallery, you need to attach an Alt title.

Stay Tuned Freepap Blog Team Working On Music Blog Niche Auto Keywords Plugin

This tag must include the keyword you target. The title must also include the keyword you target. As a matter of fact, thus Title is the first signal search robots discover.

Write your Meta tag in the snippet provided by Yoast or Rank Math; link to an a external source. Then, your targeted keyword shouldn’t appear to much. I make sure I include these keywords in the introduction, the H1 subtitle, three or four times in the body and then in the conclusion.

Your conclusion should persuade your reader to take an action. It could be to share, comment or subscribe to an email list.

Hit the publish button when you have something more than 75/100. Keep researching how you can improve your scores. They’ll appear difficult, but they are the simplest.

Friday: Promote Your Contents (TGIF)

Send emails to these influencers linking to each of those ranking contents. Be sincere and transparent with your mail.

Make them understand that even though your blog is new, you have a far better detailed contents than the one each of them linked to.

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You may not get responses you want. But if you email 100 influencers. 10 will reply you. When they link to you content, your ranking becomes heightened in search.

Over 70% visitors of your music blog will never return again. They just won’t, because you don’t ask them to. As time goes, when you are consistent with your music blog, you’ll gradually effect your blog’s necessities.

Your music blog niche would continually grow. Install the One-signal plugin. It’s easy to set. Your visitors would be prompted to allow every notifications in their phones whenever you publish any contents.

Facebook and other Social media sites offer premium plans for promoting your content. You may spend couple of dollars. But ensure that you collect their email addresses. So that their coming wouldn’t be a waste.

I recommend that you install Icegram and Rain make plugins. They are free plugins that’ll assist you in this lead magnet.

You may also spend on Google ads. Even though it’s a bit costly, but your content will be appear better better than every rankings whatsoever.

Saturday: Relax and enjoy yourself

In short, when you are consistent with these higher goals, to post a well detailed and best contents every week, your music blog niche will become a hot cake soon.

Conclusion on How to Start A Music Blog Niche

Although, audio music is the main focus of your music blog niche, the written posts are meant to optimize your blog. It’ll give advice, relevant ideas and informative solutions to the demands of your visitors.

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Relate with Record Labels in your niche. From that, you’ll get music blog post ideas; and then, enjoy the best option for music blogging.

With these six buttons floating below your screen, kindly do a favour to share this article, because it will help others too on how to start a music blog niche and be successful.

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