Allowee Review – Legit Or Scam, Can I Invest There?

allowee Ponzi

Allowee Review: What Is Allowee? Allowee is a ponzi Site, Please Don’t Invest there because is not legit.

i myself noticed that the site is 100% scam. but i just give a try to see what it will be like. my dear under 2-hours received calls that provoked me to anger, guess what, the site author keeps on calling me with different mobile numbers asking to come and deposit and get 2x in 24 hours.

I Said No, since then he has stopped calling me because he cannot scam me…. lolz

Are you broke again? Let’s help you with that, We know students get broke. We are here to solve that. Allowee helps students stay financially afloat so that, they can spend more time on what matters.

Receive three times your investment when you have earned up to N500,000.

Allowee Review – Our Active Investments

N50,000 investments have been converted to N40,000. Users who already paid N50,000 will receive N100,000. Users who requested to pay N50,000 will be automatically made to pay N40,000

IMPORTANT: When you click on any of the payment buttons below you will be required to make a payment to an allowee user. If you are not prepared to make this payment, kindly refrain from clicking.

Don’t Click On AnyThing Because is a Scam ponzi site.


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